Ok, you probably noticed the studio doesn't have an isolation booth. That's by design. John has been an engineer so long, he remembers when there was no such thing as an iso booth. He remembers quad. He remembers when they were getting rid of all that nasty tube gear and replacing it with nifty space age solid state equipment. But we digress. We wanted the largest recording room we could get, and an iso booth takes up a lot of space. We feel that for most kinds of music, playing together in the same room makes a big difference, and most of our clients agree. When a project calls for absolute separation, the control room makes a great sounding vocal booth. And sometimes we'll move a screamin' amp into another room, but usually not. After all, Disraeli Gears was recorded live in the same room by the great Tom Dowd.

If you want to see how they used to make records all the time, check out Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew at Gold Star circa 1962:

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