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John Kilgore Sound & Recording

About John Kilgore

John Kilgore is a recording engineer, sound designer and composer.

His recording credits include every work by Steve Reich since The Cave, including City Life, Proverb, Nagoya Marimbas as well as new recordings of Music for 18 Musicians (1999 Grammy Award), New York Counterpoint, Four Organs and Eight Lines. He has also recorded and mixed Triple Quartet with the Kronos Quartet, both The CD and DVD of Three Tales, You Are (Variations), Cello Counterpoint, Daniel Variations, Variations for Vibrophones, Stings and Pianos and 2x5.. He mixed the New York Philharmonic's recording of John Adam's On the Transmigration of Souls, which won three Grammys in 2005 and recorded and mixed Adam's 2011 recording of Son of Chamber Symphony with The International Contemporary Ensemble. He has recorded Dexter Gordon, James Moody, Woody Shaw, Gil Evans' Orchestra, Big Mama Thornton, The Brooklyn Philharmonic, DNA, Julius Baker, Richard Goode, Richard Stolzman, The Empire Brass Quintet, the American Brass Quintet and Ervin Nyiregyhazi to name just a few.

Sound designs for theater include numerous designs on Broadway, as well as the Manhattan Theatre Club, Classic Stage Company, Soho Rep, the Public Theater and the La Jolla Playhouse, among many others.

He has been resident composer for Pooh Kaye's Eccentric Motions Dance Company since 1983, and has provided scores for many pieces, as well as Ms. Kaye's films Sticks on the Move, House of Floating Paper, Swept Up, Wake Up Call,The Painted Princess and her most recent film, Spring Cleaning. He has been composer, behind-the-scenes performer and musical director for Len Jenkin's Dream Express since its inception more than 20 years ago.

John served as Director of Recording Services for Masque Sound & Recording from 1986 to 2005, when he formed John Kilgore Sound & Recording and took over Masque's studio operations. Since then, the studio has hosted the recordings of a broad spectrum of well-known and respected composers, songwriters, performers and musicians from around the world. For more information about the studio, visit the John Kilgore Sound & Recording Studio Page.

Curriculum Vitae


1967-1969 Apostolic Studios NYC Apprentice, engineer, night manager, staff producer. Frank Zappa made four albums at Apostolic: We’re Only In It For The Money, Lumpy Gravy, Uncle Meat and Ruben and the Jets. Later, produced and engineered George and Ben: Boa Constrictor and a Natural Vine for Vanguard/Apostolic label. Also produced and engineered a group called Archie Whitewater on spec, eventually signed to RSO and released on Atco.

1969 — 1971 Boston, MA. Independent academic study. Music study with Garby Leon and Josiah Adams. Spent 1970 at Tonus factory beta testing ARP 2500 synthesizer prior to its release. Taught guitar in Roxbury to inner city kids.

1971-1974 Finished undergraduate degree at Hampshire College Amherst, MA. Studied composition with James McElwaine and Randall McClellan. Was chief engineer at Hampshire Electronic Music Studio. Worked for Electronic Music Studios of America as resident composer.

1974-1976 Staff engineer for Vanguard Records, NYC. Partial discography:

1976-1979 Chief Engineer, Desmar Records Partial discography:

1979-1982 Freelance engineer. Partial discography:

1982 Public Theater NYC — Audio Master — The Death of Von Richthofen as Witnessed from Earth.

1982 —1984 Staff engineer Public Theater NYC. Partial list of shows:

1983-1990 Resident Sound Designer, La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla CA

1986-2005 - Director of Recording Services, Masque Sound NYC

1988-Present — Associate Faculty, Purchase College Conservatory of Music

2005- Present - President, John Kilgore Sound & Recording, NYC

Sound Designs for theatre, a partial listing:



Other Voices, Other Rooms - Music Supervisor

The Painted Princess - Sound Design (Cine Eagle Award for Sound Design)

Wake Up Call - Sound Design

Swept Up - Sound Design

House of Floating Paper - Sound Design

Sticks on the Move - Sound Design